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Poster: He Live's Date: Feb 29, 2008 12:04pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: BILL KREUTZMANN, where are you BROTHER (Come for the DarkStar>Slipknot)

hey grendel, (thanks)

love it! didn;t have this show...... SWEEEEEEEEEEET Dark Star!! not looking to open the can of worms right now. i am too tired to fully indulge, but you would think we would be fending off DARK STAR rec's left and right.... but we're NOT.

(but, as far as that is concerned..... i am cool with one or two heavies a week. what the F are you gonna do with someone's list of 20 best STARS? (or 10 for that matter) but [...]BEAT IT ON DOWN THE LINE........) no no, a trickle is just right. that;s about how they came out in the long run anyways......)

KEITH IS A LURKER on this one.... he is perhaps the hardest member of the band to comprehend. he is an extremely IN THE SHADOWS kind of player. he really likes to let things unfold and join in -- which has its merits -- there is only room for ONE JERRY and ONE PHIL. everyone else has to sort of mix it up and provide counterpoint. but KEITH, the sinister lurker that he was.... could, on occasion, direct the action from the sidelines.... AND i get that feeling here.....

i am not a big 74 fan either -- but this is a CHOICE DS man..... i like outjazz and this is in the wheelhouse! pick it up at 16:40, things settle to a whisper, just JERRY AND BILLY.... MAN, BILLY really carries this jam forward..... WONDERFUL RIDE playing.... he is giving the JAZZ GUYS a run for their money --- and i've said it before.... BILLY is just a TOP JAZZ PLAYER at heart.....

KEITH is HOT on jerry's HEELS for the slipkont! not missing a beat... and then we melt into a dream. THEY OPEN with UNCLE, close with SHIP OF FOOLS, and WE GET A TON in between. after STELLA, we get 4 CLOSERS in a row! JBG, UJB, US Blues, OMSN.... what a show..... WOW! (where have i been?)

SPOT ON GRENDEL..... got it now.......

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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Mar 1, 2008 7:37am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: BILL KREUTZMANN, where are you BROTHER (Come for the DarkStar>Slipknot)

Love your review, man...well said, and w/greater detail than I could have provided.

Another amazing thing about this DS--it's so engaging on so many diff. levels, you almost forget: NO VERSES ARE SUNG. It's just a great instrumental journey.

and yeah, Keith is the enigma...I get the feeling he never knew how much he COULD contribute if he just tried. There's a lot to explore in this one.

As for why I'm not hugely into '74 (the other poster's inquiry) I just feel a lot of the shows are very similar in structure and execution. I get a little bored w/the full wx report suite (I prefer to just hear LIG, a la '77)...too many of the DarkStars are feedback/space/atonal Phil indulgences, and it's just not my bag.

That said, i do think the finest ChinaRiders come from this year b/c of the wonderful MLB jams thrown in the middle, and of course there are some stand out shows, such as Freedom Hall, Kentucky, which I think belongs in any Top 10 list.

Glad you dug 7/25/74, He'sLive...